30 August 2011

When I Was...

...twelve years old, I still played make pretend in the woods, running around barefoot, tanned, and happy all summer long like a wild little Indian child. I had barbie dolls and I used them. Kissing games were just that: games. Twelve year old girls of today are concerned about dressing with the fads of the day, having their own cell phone, and asking their friends for blowjob techniques.

...I didn't even know what a blowjob was until I was sixteen years old.

Children in today's day and age are growing up far too fast.

Schools push sexual education at far too young an age, encouraging kids to get out there and be sexually active instead of letting the parents teach moral and social responsibility and readiness. Little tween girls are nothing but carbon copy sluts like the other little girls they see on television. Short skirts, thongs hanging out the back of jeans slung so low it's lucky they haven't developed pubic hair yet, the list goes on and on and on. Just the clothing that's pushed on young girls is enough to get them to believe it's okay to show your goods and be a complete tramp.

Little boys listen to rap music proclaiming that it's good to "smack a bitch", "beat ho's", and "live for bling", and they repeat it wholeheartedly without even understanding what the words mean. By the time they reach an age where they DO, they come to the misguided understanding that all women want it, even if they say no, that women are tools for their satisfaction and nothing more, and that being "gangsta" is cool.

Society has done absolutely nothing to contradict these children, and in today's modern society, parents are so busy both working full time jobs to see to it that they learn otherwise. The television is their true babysitter, friend, confidant, and parent.

It's a sad, disgusting state of affairs.

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