02 August 2011

Waiting For the Coup.

Rather than go on a lengthy diatribe against "Super Congress" or the debt ceiling debate that's been going on these past few weeks, I want to post this video that explains EXACTLY what the debt ceiling is for. Yes, it's from a popular television show, but not only is it true, but it shouldn't be too hard for many Americans to follow, considering they think that "reality tv" is actually reality.

Watch and learn.

If you can't figure it out, folks, we're being held hostage, and the result of the bills being passed through the Senate and Congress right now are nothing more than an attempt to cause terror in the American people.

That's right. Our own government are a bunch of terrorists, something we SWORE to stand against after 9/11. Not only that, but they're also committing an act of treason against the entire US government, because their Super Congress bipartisan committee will undermine all the checks and balances held in place by the current system.

It's time for Americans to wake up and start to pay attention to this stuff. Unfortunately, by the time they do, it'll almost undoubtedly be far too late. The bill to make defunct all the powers of Congress is set to pass today.

Video found through MoveOn.org

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  1. The coup is official. Congress sold out the American people.

    I loved this post. Keep it up!