30 August 2011

Ladies...Grow Up!

I saw a post on one of my mom's groups asking why the ladies on the board loved their husbands. Except for a very small handful, most EVERY woman said something akin to "because my husband gives me whatever I want, takes me places, buys me THINGS" and so on and so forth.

Whatever happened to loving the small stuff? Why must women be BOUGHT like whores in order to be happy?

I'll tell you what. K and I are dirt poor. We're living in his mother's house without a dime to our names. All we've got is our car, our happiness together, and the goodwill of my MIL for letting us stay in her home. Am I unhappy? Hell no! I have my man and my son, and between the two, they give me The Greatest Joy in my life. I don't sit here and worry about what things I want. My needs are met, when they're actually NEEDED.

Most people would be too stressed out about MONEY to be able to be happy living this way. Most ladies would be harping on their husbands to get a job, or get a BETTER job, but not me! It'll come in its time, when we need it. In this economy, how can one spend all their time worrying over things that could just as well be gone tomorrow?

Take the time to analyze your relationships, ladies. If you're happy in your marriage because your husband does things for you or gets you pretty little presents, you have absolutely no idea what happiness truly is! A look, a smile, holding hands in public like teenagers, staying connected. These are the sort of things that are truly important, and without them life is, frankly, hollow.

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