30 August 2011

Natural Order and Roles.

I'm a Deist. I use reason and the powers of perception that I was inherently born with to see the miracles of life, showing that there absolutely must be a Grand Creator to have made everything in this vast universe. All the time, human scientists are "discovering" new laws of nature which are only a part of Natural Order, set in place for all time by that said-same creator. It's no huge leap of logic for me to understand that Natural Order dictates male and female roles in human society.

I'm by no means an advocate of men being overly aggressive bullies, nor the idea that women should lay down and take shit from the men in their lives as the proverbial doormat. What I am saying, however, is that it's clear to me that men and women are meant to provide certain roles. Men are the hunters, protectors, and breadwinners of their home, while women are meant to be the heart of the home. Feminism has dictated for many years that women can do whatever a man can, and it's possible that they can do MOST of it. However, in doing so, much of what a woman would want ends up being completely unnatural, going straight against Natural Order.

If you don't believe me, take as an example that of female bodybuilders. Never have I seen something so disgusting as a woman trying to make her musculature into that of a man's. Women are meant to be soft, curvy, and feminine.

I firmly believe that much of what's wrong with today's society has to do with the continually blurring line between what is masculine and feminine. Women are encouraged to "be men" (do anything they like that is masculine in nature), while men, by contrast, are told that it's okay to be effeminate and "metrosexual". If men and women would but look to their God-given strengths and put them to their best advantage instead of constantly trying to be someone they're not, Order would reinstate itself and we'd see a return to better times and more wholesome values than anything that's shown today.

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