19 August 2011

Economy Hits Families Below the Belt

For those that don't believe that we're in a new great worldwide Depression, facts speak louder than rhetoric.

According to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, the jittery economy is responsible for birthrates falling to their lowest rates since 2007, falling into the same pattern not seen since the Great Depression. Today's birth rates are 65 births per 1,000 women - less than rates found in 1935 when birthrates were 77 per 1,000 women.
Sixty-five births per one thousand women? This idea is extremely frightening to think about for very long. It's worse than during the middle of the Great Depression. Granted, today's birth control measures are far better than what they were back in the thirties. Taking into account population growth in the US between then and now, the fact that birth control is readily available is probably a moot point.

The economy worldwide is horrible and bound to get worse, prompting women all across the US to not have children. If this trend continues, it's bound to have terrible consequences for the US and the world. It may lead to the nation's depopulation, making it harder and harder for our children to find partners in the future.

For all that globalist greenies claim that the world's population is out of control and needs to be cut back, it seems that they don't actually need to do anything to further their goals. 

Source: CDC report: Bad economy leads to low birth rates

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