30 August 2011

Pornography Is Infidelity.

More and more in this day and age, I've seen questions from scared women, wondering if their significant other/husband is cheating on them. Often to blame is secretive text messages over cell phones, or the ever-dreaded internet pornography. There are those who feel that porn isn't bad; after all, if ladies are watching it WITH their husbands, he's not keeping secrets from them. ...right?

Wrong. Porn is the fantasy. It is whatever the film tells men they should expect in the bedroom. It might start out as curiosity, but it always grows into much more than that. Men in time come to expect their girlfriends or wives to be whores, there to pleasure them whenever and wherever the urge strikes. They stop seeing the loving, caring, feminine natures of their counterparts and instead see a TOOL to be USED for their own self-gratification.

The reason for this is simple: people who watch pornography eventually buy into the lie. They begin to covet what they see on the screen (be it tv or computer). They begin to grow sour against their own life relationship, wondering "How can I get my girlfriend/wife to do a threesome with another girl?" and all sorts of other things. In essence, they believe that what they see on that tv screen IS reality, and they begin to hate and loathe the truth in their life.

Eventually, many of them stop having sex with their partners and instead masturbate to the images on the screen. Why is that? Because they no longer respect their partner and instead want to have sex with what it is that they're watching.

Thinking about cheating on your partner, in my opinion, is just the same as doing it. You may not have actively screwed someone else, but if the opportunity presented itself, all those thoughts would manifest themselves and make it SO MUCH EASIER to "slip up" and actually cheat. Porn is no help with this at all. It only gives fuel for the fire of raging hormones while killing all moral thought at the same time.

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