09 August 2011

Leaving Won't Make It Better.

This is purely an opinion post. Take it as you will.

On one of my mom's groups this morning, one of the ladies expressed a desire to leave the country for some other shore, I suppose with the idea that it'd be better to not be in the US if things keep heading in the direction their pointed. While I know the idea of this might sound tempting, it isn't effective for at least a couple of reasons.

The first of these is simply this: it doesn't matter where you go or what country other than the US you try to live in. You will not escape from what's being planned for our world. The elites don't just want the United States under their total control. Why stop there, when they can have the entire world? Whether or not you think they can, THEY do, and that's all that matters.

Secondly, I understand the desire to run away and try to find somewhere more peaceful and/or "safe" to live. I truly do. People talk about the Fight or Flight instinct all the time, and it's a natural instinct to run when faced with something so very overwhelming as the potential destruction of our entire society and way of life. 

But the answer isn't running away.

If everyone on the planet decided to just run away, there would be no one left to fight. This thing isn't going to go away if we simply bury our heads in the sand! It takes consistent and concerted effort on our part to stand up and fight against it, and only through doing that will we be able to stop total world domination by the elitists. Yes, it IS frightening, on a deeper level than anything Hollywood could ever pull out of its ass. It's far more frightening because it's REAL. 

We can stop it, if enough people are willing to stand up against it. As the adage goes: it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees. If we don't fight against what's coming, that is exactly what will happen!

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