30 August 2011

Dating Is For Children, Courting Is For Adults.

I've never been one to "date". What is there to this actual concept of dating, actually? Someone spends money to take someone else out somewhere they really don't want to be just so that there's a chance they might get in that other's pants?

There's no room for GETTING TO KNOW SOMEONE in dating. It's always about doing something fun or exciting. Whatever happened to just sitting and talking about one's beliefs and values? It's not what fun stuff two people like to do together that makes for a stable relationship. It's not how well they mesh in the sack that does it, either.

Rather, it's getting to know that other person which helps to contribute to a good relationship. Long gone are the days of learning about someone before you want to screw them, because frankly I don't think most people care for the connotation of courting. Courting means getting to know someone with the intent to marry. Why worry about marriage when it's so much more fun to play the field? Is that it?

It sure isn't, but in this immature day and age, only the real adults are smart enough to realize that fun isn't everything.

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