30 August 2011

Not Just For the Bedroom!

I don't consider my relationship that of a lifestyle. My HOH and I don't have "sessions" where we enact sexual things and go about our day acting like the average "vanilla" couple otherwise. Our relationship is free-flowing, unstrained, and absolutely natural. I am a natural submissive by heart and my deepest desire is to always please my husband. There is no need to spank me because I ALWAYS defer to him, no matter what. Yes, I do cheek him on occasion, but he likes that. I do it intentionally because I know he likes it. Not that he needs a reason to, but it gives him another opportunity to dominate me.

The act of domination doesn't have to be painful, although perhaps some might feel that it's necessary. I know factually that I do not need it, and not only that, but it would be detrimental to our relationship and strain the trust I have for him. When my HOH dominates me, it always results in laughter, his and mine both. My body is extremely sensitive and his desired way of dominating so is through tickling. In only moments, I'm completely at his mercy, laughing and gasping for breath. Often he tells me I'm not allowed to struggle, and I must take his "punishment". Usually in this case I'm cheeky again, because I know that in doing so he'll become even more aggressive toward me.

Even still, he need not even touch me to dominate me. A simple smoldering look is enough to stop me in my tracks and set my pulse to racing. And believe me, my HOH is FULL of those kinds of looks! It's immensely gratifying to know that they're ALL for me.

I don't see any need for real pain in a relationship. A swat on the ass in passing or pulling hair in the bedroom is one thing, but real, true pain? I don't find it necessary, and neither does he. If my HOH made me cry for any reason, I know for a fact that it would break his heart. Our relationship is one full of love and laughter, and his desire is to keep me laughing above all else. Without that joy, what sense is there in living at all?

We don't have to fear about keeping the nature of our relationship a secret from my five year old son because the simple fact is, there's nothing to hide! I don't have to worry about my child's reaction, or try and keep things hidden from eyes that should not see it. All he is able to see is love and laughter and lots of huggies and kissies. It's the kind of atmosphere that all children should be raised in, and I know that it's inspired a great deal of confidence in him at his young age.

While I understand that some people enjoy "the lifestyle", this is not the way we choose to do things. I love our natural, traditional, male-led and dominated household. It sets a good precedent not only for me as his submissive, loving, attentive wife, but also as a role-model to my son, who will learn through example how to be a real man.

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