10 August 2011

Mandatory Sex Ed for NYC School Children

According to the New York Times, middle and high school students in New York City are being forced to attend sex education classes starting as early as this year. Allegedly, the purpose of this is to teach kids safety and responsibility. I'm pretty sure there's much more to this. Look here:

"The curriculum includes lessons on how to use a condom and the appropriate age for sexual activity," says the article.

My big question is this: since when has it been the responsibility of anyone besides a child's parents to teach them about sex? This article was linked on one of my mom's groups, and I was the only one that dissented against the mandate. Everyone else thought it was just fine, and at least one said that SOMEONE had to do it, because clearly parents weren't. My point, though, is that it SHOULD be the parents.

Where is the curriculum for this sex ed program? How am I to know whether these teachers are going to be putting forth the moral standards that I'd care to hold out for my children?

...for that matter, what do THEY think "the appropriate age for sexual activity" is? I'm sure they won't tell 10 year olds that the appropriate age for sexual activity is marriage.

I find this mandate to be highly disturbing. It's yet another example of parents not taking the time out of their apparently so damn busy lives that they can't be bothered to properly raise their own children. How easy to be lazy and focus on yourself; just let the state do the child-rearing for you. Hell, while you're at it, why don't you just sign over your parental rights altogether? That's what the state would rather you do, anyways.

This whole attitude is sad, disgusting, and pathetic. If talking to your children about sex is so embarrassing that you need to have the state do it FOR you, then you may want to reconsider having them altogether, because you're certainly NOT mature enough to have had them in the first place.

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