13 July 2011

Learning things.

I've been in my spare time, such as it is, doing a lot of research into the New World Order and politics in general, and I'd have to say I find it very discouraging overall. I got into a politics talk with Derek over pidgin the other day, and it's got me so that I'm looking up even more stuff, wanting to find out more. At the same time, though, it almost feels like I'd prefer to bury my head in the sand. Some-- well, actually, ALL-- of this is pretty scary stuff. The government is taking more and more of our civil liberties, and the American people are just sitting back, taking it straight in the ass with a smile and nod.

Recently, I read about a fifteen year old girl who is being tried in court for willful homicide of her unborn child, because it's "alleged" that her cocaine use during pregnancy directly contributed to her child's stillbirth at 32 weeks gestation.

I read about a family with five children that had all of their kids taken away because they were living on a property without electricity and indoor plumbing, among other faulty reasons.

I read about a family in the UK that's being forced off their property because they built their house "off the grid", supposedly violating zoning laws.

I read about the US government's desire to ban naturopathy, including home remedies, vitamins, growing your own food, organic food bought in stores and at farmstands, and innumerable other things.
The US present wants to force every single man, woman, and child in the country into paying for healthcare when we can hardly afford to eat, with the rising costs of things such as fuel, shelter, and food.
I don't know whatever happened to The Land of the Free...

The whole thing is downright frightening.

I'm fearing for a whole lot more than I ever used to now. Trivial things like where we're going to live, Kenny getting a job that makes a decent, livable wage, and who's going to take my cat are, frankly, unimportant.

Now I worry about more important things, more global things.

  • I worry about homeschooling Richie, and wonder that Florida might not be a good place for us to stay if we'd like to continue with our program. Florida's homeschooling rules are far more stringent than in many other states, so if I choose not to follow them, will that give the state the grounds to take away my child? Kenny says to "play their game", but I hate the thought of doing that. At the same time, I hate the thought of losing my child with my whole being.
  • We've been talking and planning about living in a camper of some kind for a goodly while now. If it's without hot water readily available or electricity, will THAT be the grounds for them to take my child, just like the family in Texas?
  • What if we don't manage even a camper and have to live in the car for a while? Would that not be infinitely worse, and give them these grounds?

...it goes on and on, really. There are so many what-ifs that I don't know the answers to, but it makes me worry for my family, for my child, and for every future child I have. The answer, of course, is to speak out against the government and try to affect some sort of change, to fight for a better future and for freedom. But even that scares me.

It's one of those things that won't go away. There's noting really that I can do about it other than try to open up the eyes of people that are too stupid or blind to see.

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  1. Although the world may seem filled with evil, sorrow, misery, etc, We the People have the power to change it. It's wonderful to see you're one of the many who are changing it. :-)