31 December 2011

Two Abortion Docs Charged With Murder After 35 Late-Term Babies Found in Freezer

Two Abortion Docs Charged With Murder After 35 Late-Term Babies Found in Freezer
The investigation began in August 2010 after a botched procedure at Brigham’s Elkton clinic. An 18-year-old woman who was 21 weeks pregnant had her uterus ruptured and her bowel injured, and rather than call 911, Brigham and Riley drove her to a nearby hospital, where both were uncooperative and Brigham refused to give his name, authorities said.

A search of the clinic after the botched abortion revealed a freezer with 35 late-term fetuses inside, including one believed to have been aborted at 36 weeks, authorities said.


Brigham, 55, is charged with five counts of first-degree murder, five counts of second-degree murder and one count of conspiracy. Riley, 46, faces one count each of first- and second-degree murder and one conspiracy count. The procedure authorities say was botched resulted in the murder case against Riley and three of the 11 murder charges against Brigham, prosecutors told the Cecil Whig in Elkton, Md. The other charges against Brigham relate to four other illegal abortions he performed there, prosecutors added.

Maryland is one of 38 states with a law that allows murder charges against someone accused of killing a viable fetus. The 2005 law has so far only been used for cases in which defendants were accused of assaulting or killing pregnant women.

The botched 2010 abortion led regulators to order Brigham to stop practicing medicine in Maryland without a license, and Riley’s Maryland license was suspended. Brigham’s New Jersey license was also suspended.

According to regulators, Brigham would begin abortions in New Jersey and have his patients drive themselves to Maryland to complete the procedures, taking advantage of Maryland’s more permissive laws. Brigham was not authorized to perform abortions in New Jersey after the first trimester, and regulators called his actions manipulative and deceptive.
Aside from the obvious fact, I see several huge things wrong with this entire scenario. Firstly, where's the mandate to do no harm? These two people were obviously more concerned with not getting themselves in trouble over saving a young girl's life and making sure that she was okay. 

Last I checked, the Hippocratic Oath was something that all heathcare professionals were supposed to subscribe to. ...isn't it?

Baby at 36 weeks gestation
Let's not forget this little gem, the one that got them both charged with MURDER: thirty five late-term BABIES found in a freezer? Obviously these two criminals-- and the mothers who aborted these babies-- knew that they were doing wrong, otherwise they wouldn't have gone to such trouble in hiding this sick, disgusting act. 

If they're both being charged with murder, then clearly this is a criminal act. In fact, in my opinion, if there was some way to find out who the bearers (I refuse to say mothers in this instance) of these helpless, murdered innocent babies were, I feel that they should be charged with murder as well.

After all, it's not as though they were bound and gagged, then forcibly taken to an abortion clinic to remove their children...who by that time were almost fully developed and easily able to live unaided in the world outside the womb. They walked in there by their own power, and they ought to be punished just as much as the people who performed this atrocity for them.

I'm coming up to the point, which is this: when is the cutoff date between "abortion" and "murder"? What makes a 36 week gestation baby being aborted a murder, but a 20 week gestation one is not? Is it because a 36 week gestation baby actually LOOKS like one? 

Baby in utero at 20 weeks
...well, if that's the case, then people haven't taken a look at what one at 20 weeks looks like, because all the parts are there! Little fingers and toes, eyes, nose, and mouth, heart, lungs and brain! But no. Apparently all that doesn't make up a baby; it's just a "clump of cells", is it?

The simple fact is, folks, that ALL abortion is murder, period. 

Make your excuses for it, ladies. You're not ready for a child, you don't have the money. Your man left you when he found out he knocked you up and you don't want to have to be a single parent. Whatever the excuse, go on and make it. But this is the truth: YOU ABORT YOUR BABY, AND YOU MURDER IT.

These 35 women who willingly walked into an abortion clinic could have done the RIGHT thing if they didn't want their babies or didn't feel they could properly take care of them. They could have waited the COUPLE EXTRA WEEKS and delivered their babies safely-- without having some sick excuse for a doctor jam a scalpel into their brainstems and murder them-- then placed the children up for adoption.

People need to wake up and face reality, however difficult it might be. No one wants to admit that they're wrong. No one wants that feeling of guilt for doing something they KNOW is wrong. But Truth is absolute, isn't it? You can't just say "It's my baby, so it's my choice" then turn around and kill that same child! It's wrong on so many levels!

Wake up, people! Stop murdering your babies!

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